What is Supreme?

‘…..all things were created for him and by him.’ (Colossians 1:16)

The fullness of God dwells in Christ (v.19). Everything is created under his supremacy. But look at the humility of our Lord who came down to be a sacrifice for us. He showed his supremacy with His humility. Humility has power. But we often relate it to weakness. Jesus showed us that it takes more substance to be humble than to be arrogant.a

Today many people live in the arrogance of their worldly possessions, believing their worth is based on what they own. Viewing life in this light, they are always competing with others. Sadly, it is difficult for them to even acknowledge the blessings of others without feeling inferior.

But one who has the fullness of God never needs to look at others with an arrogant eye. The most significant possession we have is the Lord Himself. Additionally, we have His forgiveness and righteousness, freely given to us upon request. We no longer need to boast or compare ourselves to others. The Creator of all things freely gave Himself as our sacrifice, clearly showing His great love. He humbly demonstrated that love, forgiveness, and gratitude are far superior to comparison and judgment.

What is supreme to you; your materialistic possessions or the realisation of our Lord? God provides all good things and having possessions is not wrong if they do not possess us. When the fullness of God’s blessings are viewed through His lens, our faith, love and humility increase. Then we can begin to let go of things and live out the words of the gospel.

Deepika Emmanuel Sagar

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