Pastor’s Conference 2020 (Embassy Ministries International)

This is our INAUGURAL ‘Embassy Ministries International’ Pastors Conference which will be held in the Kamoto Church, Mitondo Area, Chikwawa District, Malawi, Africa.

It will begin on Friday evening, September 11th,  as pastors/leaders begin arriving at 4:00 pm for ‘REGISTRATION’.

At 5:00 pm there will be a time of ‘Prayer and Preparation’ for the Seminar classes to be held on Saturday, September 11th and the Worship Celebration on Sunday, September 12th.

All of the meetings, Conference sessions, and Sunday Worship and activities to follow, will be ‘STREAMED LIVE ON FACEBOOK’ with several sessions broadcast on a ‘ZOOM LIVE CHANNEL’ to be announced.

This event is OPEN to all Pastors and other church leaders who would like to attend.

We request that all who plan to come to ‘PRE-REGISTER’ if possible, so that we may prepare adequately for your visit with us.

Please contact Pastor Daniel Masanduko at +265 884 04 23 19 or Pastor Charles Saini at +265884473345 to ‘PRE-REGISTER’ and for more details about the Embassy Ministries International 2020 Pastors Conference in Malawi, Africa.

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