Living the Life

I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly – John 10:10b NASB

Meditating on negative thoughts, judging others and fearing judgment, will leave us angry, frustrated, and depressed. On the other hand, communion with the Lord in the morning and night has a significant positive impact on our thoughts and feelings.

When we think about God, there is nothing but refreshing promises, renewal of the mind, forgiveness, and the abundance of His love. Concentrating on who we are in Christ, His promises, and what He created us for leads to a much better approach to our daily life. We are alive because God wants us to live.

He desires for us to be right with Him and to have eternal life, which comes as our reward when our journey of faith ends in the flesh. The battle we find ourselves in may seem like it is of the flesh, but it’s not. It is a spiritual battle. We defeat the flesh, not by the flesh, but by walking in the spirit by faith. When we do, the Lord holds us and helps us win in every situation evil places in our path.

Victory comes not by focusing on the problem, but solely by focusing on the Creator, who is for us and will never leave or forsake us. Starting our day with thanksgiving and a sense of enjoyment that Lord chose us to see this day makes the coming day worth living.

Ending our day with a word of gratitude and love for Him makes our sleep more beneficial and rejuvenating. Time spent in His presence always connects us with the abundant life in Christ. His very breath gave us life.

The Lord wants us to walk in joy and peace, trusting all outcomes to Him. He is always with us and will lead us to act right, decide right, and then align things to make the situation right when we walk by faith and not by sight. So, go out and ‘live’ today, realizing His presence and life are with you.

Once you get His perspective, there will be nothing beyond it that you will want to seek.

  • Dr. Deepika E. Sagar

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