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Rev.Daniel Ogutu, Missionary – Kenya

“Challenges are not to put you down; but rather to make you strong”

  Evangelist/Worship Leader               

Daniel Ogutu commonly known or admired as Dan in his community; is a born again Christian; hails from Kenya. He was born and raised in rural Kenya, Siaya County, right on the foot of Africa largest fresh water lake and the world’s second largest fresh water lake about 200 meters from lake Victoria.

Early life

Daniel Ogutu was born on 22nd February 1980, in Nairobi Kenya. He started his education late at the age of 5 years at AGOK primary school, joined class One and learnt all the way up to grade 7th. He accepted Jesus as Lord at a very young age; 11 years. When he was in the 5th grade, he had one strong desire to become a soldier and join the Kenyan defence forces; he dreamed; but unfortunately tragedy struck at the age of 13 years; he suffered an eye infection, due to medical negligence, the nurse had administered him wrong medicine that caused his vision loss and permanent disability blind for life.

The world around Ogutu shattered overnight; his life plunged into total darkness. He was in deep pain and agony; in his initial days, had to rely on physical help, it was very difficult for him to cope with sudden blindness. He mustered his courage to join special school for the blind at St. Oda; a Christian institution.  During his schooling, he drew more interest in Christian values, he started learning music as a serious subject; taking interest in instruments and writing music. He could no longer see his dream turn in to reality, to work as a soldier. He took up music more seriously; he learnt to master playing piano, organ, cordion, harmonica, harpsicord. Later Dan was made the head boy at this missionary institution.

Student Ministry

At age of 14, he joined Thika School for the blind; where he learnt music writing, vocals and production. This is where Dan’s calling became stronger; began to preach from this institution, his leadership skills were noticed and he was appointed as head boy; this institution had a capacity of more than 600 young students. He was also chosen as head of Christian union and music department. And later, he got himself enrolled at Daystar University, earning a Diploma in music.


He was raised in a Christian family, father late Reverend James Ogutu and Mother Lucy Ogutu. The third born; and first son in a family of 5 children.

His late father Reverend Ogutu; founder of “Power of Jesus” church, transversed, the entire East Africa region preaching the gospel throughout Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

When Dan was about to appear for his final exams; for completion of his secondary education. He lost his father, his death was a big blow to him; as he highly depended on him for his spiritual strengthening. Dan was forced to lead his family; this new role turned him to be a role model for his younger siblings

Dan currently resides in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital; and is happily married to Nancy and blessed with a son Ogutu, who is three years old.

Ministry career

Dan is a devoted worshipper; he took up full time ministry and served in his local church, until 2010. He not only shared his music talents but also preached in the church.

He was also focusing on writing music for the choir, singing and accompanying in musical instruments; on the other hand, preaching from the pulpit and sharing the word of God.


He joined as a missionary worker in 2011 and was ministering faithfully till this date under the Apostolic Grace Ministry. During his missionary work, he delivered gospel messages in different parts of Kenya and East Africa regions and travelled to South Africa, simultaneously performing his musical prowess.

Inclined to this ministry; he had ministered among children orphanages, refugee camps and old age homes. He visited hospitals and was sharing the gospel. Dan, associated his ministry to rehabilitation centres and prison ministries; giving hope to hopeless; a motivational speaker to the destitute serving the bleeding souls to the society.


His vision; to outreach for the dying souls, liberating gospel as he promotes true worship in the body of Christ; “HE believes that challenges are not to put you down but rather to make you strong”  

You can help and support Daniel Ogutu missions work. He appreciates your prayers and communications.


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Rev.Daniel Ogutu, Missionary-Kenya

“…that all may have life in abundance” (John 10:10)

Taking this covenant as God’s promise to all humankind, Agape Branch Community agrees that mission is still possible today but urgently needed; therefore we affirm to continue our support in promoting the Gospel; an invitation to trust in Christ; to take the Gospel worldwide.

We are enthusiastic to introduce Rev. Daniel Ogutu, a young dynamic Preacher/Composer from Kenya. We can draw a lot of inspiration from his personnel and spiritual life. Though he faced many hardship and challenges in his young age, he has overcome and emerged as winner. We trust that this new association will be a gateway to win many more souls for Christ. We always stress that we are “Partners in Christ”. Co-workers in the Kingdom of GOD. We are committed to work for the expansion of the kingdom of GOD, If GOD leads us in this region. We are positive and prayerfully march forward in the name of Jesus. Amen.

As we reflect on Daniel Ogutu’s life, we must ask ourselves many questions. What sacrifices are we willing to make now to see the Gospel spread? Are we willing to imagine what God is capable of doing?

Sushanth Daniel

Editor Agape Branch Community