Our Lord Cares

‘At once the Spirit sent him out in the desert, and he was in the desert forty days, being tempted by Satan’ (Mark 1:12).

The life of a believer is not free from trials and temptations. When we prepare ourselves for the work of the Lord, Satan starts working against us. But the best consolation and encouragement in all this is that Jesus is able to relate to our emotions and weaknesses.  He has gone through much more than we will ever experience.

Mark 1:12 states at once he was sent into the wilderness. Jesus, God’s own Son, was tempted and had His faith tested for forty days by Satan! Jesus was tempted in his human form, so He is able to personally relate to the hardships we undergo.  The fact that Jesus was tested like this, assures us that God will test our faith and endurance too before giving us greater responsibility. The willingness may be there, but He needs to develop our inner strength to take on His work.

At times, we might wonder why a particular situation is happening to us. God might be honing us to help others in a similar situation. Jesus knows our every weakness as He has experienced it and knows what it means to be tired, sad, and so on. Just look at the plans that God has for us; He sent his Son in human form that He could save us and let His life be an example of perfect faith for us to learn from.

Whatever your situation may be, Jesus can relate. Go ahead and talk to Him, casting all your cares and living a life under His divine assurance

-Deepika Saagar






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